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Meetings Incentives Conventions Seminars

Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Events are very competitive among all countries around the world because it brings top dollar to the country's revenue. In Asia, Singapore and Hong Kong have positioned itself as the favourite country to host your meetings, incentives, conventions and events.


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So why must you choose Sarawak as the Choice Destination?


Is there something in Sarawak that other countries do not have? Not even Kuala Lumpur?


Well, here are




Excellent Value for Money

The dollar to dollar comparison with other destinations show that Sarawak presents a huge variety of options and excellent value for money in accommodation, food and travelling expenses within the Asia Pacific and South East Asia regions.


Strong Track Record

Sarawak enjoys an unfailing track record of organizing and hosting international and regional conferences. Sarawak enjoys an 80% success ratio whenever it is competing with other destinations for international conferences.


Supported by the Government of Malaysia

Complete and unconditional support from the State and Federal convention bureaus (Sarawak Convention Bureau and Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau)


Various Unique Venues for Special Events

An eco-tourism destination and home to the second oldest rainforest in the world, teeming with exotic appeal and charming surprises, yet equipped with modern and state-of-the art technology and communications systems. Unique venues such as exclusive historical and government buildings are also available upon request.


Comfortable Climate

Sarawak has a tropical weather with temperatures ranging from 21C to 32C, perfect for your incentive programmes and events all year round.


People of Sarawak

Sarawakians are very down to earth, friendly and cheerful who enjoy multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-religious environment living in harmony and celebrating strength in diversity. With a multi-lingual population, English is widely spoken.


Great Food

No matter where you come from, rest assured that Sarawak is able to provide food just like home ranging from western, halal, vegetarian to our own special delicacies such as Midin, Sarawak Laksa and more.


Personal Security

Sarawak is a politically, economically and socially stable environment.  A recent Global Peace Index sees Malaysia moving up four notches to number 22 out of 140 – and comes in second among the Asian Countries.


Tailored CSR Programmes

Uniquely created to suit your organization or conventions objective; besides experiencing the real culture and people, your organization will also be able to contribute in building Sarawak for a better future.


Social and Tour Programmes

Sarawak has a variety of affordable and exciting pre and post conference tour options offering exotic and unforgettable experiences. For amazing incentives and theme party ideas or to see what Sarawak can offer, please visit http://sarawakcb.com/sarawak-adventure/incentives-ideas


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