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About Us

Sarawak Borneo Tour is created by Savvy Media Tours & Travel Sdn Bhd with the support of Tourism Malaysia Sarawak to help the local small and medium size travel agents in Sarawak to reach out to the global market. These tour operators and travel agents are 100% local. The reason that they participate with us is because they lack the information technology expertise to manage an effective online media on their own.


Not any travel agents can participate in SarawakBorneoTour.com. They are specially selected from a list of reliable and credible agents by Tourism Malaysia Sarawak.


Those agents who participate in this website aims to provide quality service for tours, accommodation and experienced tour guides who know the destinations very well to give tourists a wonderful holiday.


Sarawak Borneo Tour is a one stop booking centre. Here, you will be able to book your tours, accommodation in longhouse or homestay and the packages that is promoted here will not be available elsewhere because if the event is a festive annual event, you will be able to purchase VIP seats that is only available if you booked online here at SarawakBorneoTour.com.

What sets SarawakBorneoTour.com apart from the THOUSANDS of travel companies out there? Why should you book with us?

We can give you five good reasons:

1. This project is supported by Tourism Malaysia Sarawak.

As this is a project in collaboration with Tourism Malaysia Sarawak, so we are indeed credible and reputable. If any of the agents listed in this website do not achieve the standard required for the tours or services provided, we will remove them from our panel of agents to be listed in this website.


2. Our tour operators and travel agents are local.

Each of our agents are local and though they may be small compared to the big travel agents, that does not mean that they are any less in terms of the services provided. To the contrary, you may even enjoy your holiday even more because they are able to give you special attention as they strive to gain a recognition for their services.


3. Longhouse Adventure – Adrenaline Pumping Adventures
Our Tour guides are local and native people. They are the one who would be able to tell you first hand about the culture and lifestyle of the people here. Go visit Mulu Pinnacles for an unforgettable adventure, and you will find the tour guide there to be of world class standard with their vast knowledge about the Park, the caves etc.


4. Because You Ask for IT!
When you travel, you are either a backpacker or someone who wants everything all planned out for you. If you book your tours with SarawakBorneoTour.com, we will definitely give you what you want and more. You will get entry to passes that other travel agents cannot provide you and that is why we are special and a level above the others.


5.Why Book through SarawakBorneoTour.com ?

  • Website that is friendly and easy for you to find what you are looking for.
  • Instant online booking.
  • Instant online Confirmation
  • Easy online payment system
  • Instant online Payment by visa/master card and even local Maybank ATM transfer.
  • Secure website
  • Privacy policy
  • We have VIP and special pass that others do not have.