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   MASwings Borneo Headhunter Trail 5D4N

MASwings Borneo Headhunter's Trail in 5 Days Tour

One of the best trek in Borneo!

For travelling to Mulu in 2017, please contact us here.

When head-hunting was at its height, a hundred years ago, Kayan war parties from the Baram made their way through the Mulu area to attack the Murut longhouse and Chinese farmers along the Limbang River. Paddling their war canoes up the Melinau River to the Melinau Gorge, they dragged them 3km overland to the headwaters of the Terikan River. The "Kayan Road" a 4 m wide trail with poles laid acrossit to facilitate dragging the boats. Today we called the route the "Headhunter's Trail". Join MASwings to explore Borneo Headhunter's Trail in 5 Days of adventure and fun.



Video below shows Headhunter Mulu Trail and is a complete 5 days tour. This video is to show the landmark and route of your tour.

To watch the video, please click HERE 




See the Mulu Trail Map here



                                                Headhunter Blow Pipe                                                          Headhunters Village


                                                Headhunter's Trail Journey                                               Headhunter's Culture 











An un-forgettable tour with this Sarawak travel package. Come do some jungle trekking with the Headhunter Trail in Sarawak Borneo. Travel through the many Mulu caves before starting your headhunter trail through the rainforest.


Do you want to experience the Pinnacles climb and enjoy nature with 5 million bats flying over the sky?

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**BENARAT LODGE occupancy will be quite full. BOOK   EARLY!


Flight Detail:

Ex Miri depart on MH3630 STD 0920hrs (Morning Flight)

Ex Miri depart on MH3255 / MH3632 STD 1345hrs (Afternoon Flight)

Ex Kota Kinabalu - Every Tuesday, Friday & Sunday depart on MH3257 STD 1405hrs

Ex Kuching - Daily depart on MH3823 / MH3290 STD 1055hrs


Miri - Kuching flight details

Miri to Kuching @ MH3805 Etd 1835hrs Eta 1940hrs ( Mon / Wed / Thu / Sat )
Miri to Kuching @ MH3807 Etd 1800hrs Eta 1955hrs ( Tue / Fri / Sun )



Day 1/ Miri-Mulu

This morning we fly from Miri to Mulu on MH3630 ETD 0910hrs on Mas Wing flight or MH3255 ex Kota Kinabalu ETD 1305hrs.

Alternatively, you may also Depart Kota-Kinabalu airport to Miri on MH3201 expected time of departure at 0645hrs and arriving at 0740hrs then take your connecting flight to Mulu on MH3630 etd 0930hrs.

At arrival in Mulu, transfer to Benarat Inn for lunch. For ex Kota Kinabalu we proceed straight from Mulu airport to Park HQ and take the plankwalk to visit Deer and Lang's Cave ( 45 mins walk)

We then proceed to visit the largest cave passage in the world – Deer Cave and Lang's Cave. The enormous chambers of Deer Cave are home to over 32 million bats! At dusk we witness the amazing spectacle of these creatures emerging from the gaping mouth of the cave, as they head out into the forest in search of food. We return late in the afternoon to Park HQ and transfer by van to Benarat Inn.

Meals included: 1 lunch, 1 dinner for Ex Miri and for Ex Kota Kinabalu 1 dinner

* Dinner at Sungai Pala Restaurant is included.


Day 2/Camp 5

This morning we go by boat to the source of the Clearwater River. We visit Wind and Clearwater Cave. We then have lunch at the Clearwater Spring. Hence we proceed by boat to Long Lutut. We trek through the lowland forest to camp 5 (3hrs trek) where we put overnight. Camp 5 is a very basic accommodation. It is possible to hire simple mats

Meals included: 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner


Day 3/ Pinnacles Climb

Early breakfast and we ascend Mt Api to the Pinnacles (1200m). As we climb the forest of big trees give way to bushes and rhododendrons. At the top there is a magnificent view across the Pinnacles and Brunei Bay. Packed lunch provided at the view point. We descend to Camp 5 for overnight.

Meals included: 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner


Day 4/Headhunters Trail

This morning we follow the ancient path of the headhunters, crossing two rivers to meet the boat at Kuala Terikan. Descend down the river to the Iban longhouse. Here, we spend a night as guests of our Iban hosts. Please don't expect any comforts and be prepared for the fact that the living conditions in the longhouse are extremely basic – this night is designed to give you a first-hand taste of how the Iban people live and also provide an insight into their unique customs. We will be sleeping on the ground, on simple mats and it is highly recommended that you bring your own sleeping sheet. The Iban are generally very reserved people unless, of course, they get on to their home-brewed rice wine! In the evening, share a glass of "Tuak" (rice wine) with the Ibans and join in their music and traditional dances. The white-men's version of the headhunters' dance is always the most amusing!. We overnight at longhouse.

Meals included: 1 breakfast,1 lunch, 1 dinner.


Day 5/ Limbang –Miri

This morning we farewell our Iban friends and continue our journey by boat to Medamit. From there we travel overland to Limbang airport where we take the flight to Miri

Meals included: 1 breakfast


Personal items, Guide tipping Rm10 per pax per day and  flight from Kuala Lumpur/Oversea to Sarawak
**You may opt for meal at Mulu Marriott Resort & Spa at additional charge.


Requirement for the trip:

1. water bottle 2. raincoat 3. torchlight 4. waterbottle 5. towel and toilet and bath kit 6. a bed sheet 7. 1 long sleeved shirt and pant 8. 2 pcs of t-shirt 9. Sun Lotion 10. good trekking shoes 11. rucksack and no suitcase please

2.Tour Grading: moderate (4-5hrs trek) Climbing Pinnacles (3hrs ascend) Please note during raining day , the park Ranger might have to cancel the climbing trip due to safety reason.

3. Trek from Long Lutut to camp 5 ( 3hrs) Easy trek through lowland forest.

4. Trek from Camp 5 through headhunters' trail is easy which takes about 4-5hrs to Kuala Terikan.

5. Stay overnight at longhouse accommodation is very basis.




RM25 per nite for mosquito net and RM25 per nite for blanket can be rented from Camp 5. If you wish to save a bit, you may also use your towel as blanket and bring along a long sleeve shirt to wear during the night. Do bring along mosquitoe repellent as well. 

Validity Date :1/1/2017 ~ 3/30/2019

Minimum Person :2

Adult Price: MYR 1,840.00

Child Price: MYR 1,840.00

Duration: 5 Days 4 Nights

* All amount quoted above will be charged in Ringgit Malaysia (MYR)