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   4D3N Santubong Homestay

Sarawak Santubong Homestay Tour

Come Visit Santubong and join the locals in their daily routine and have fun along the way 

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Santubong is one of the popular places to go for tourists who are heading to Kuching. Known for its mount Santubong, it is also situated near Damai beach. The Santubong Homestay will allow you to get to learn more about the culture and have fun with your host family. Also, make your way down to Sarawak Cultural Village to see the cultural performances of the cultures here in Kuching.

Come live with the chosen host family and has the opportunity to interact as well as experience

the daily way of life of the family and culture directly.



                            Santubong Homestay                                   Boat Ride


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Santubong Homestay 4 Days Itinerary 

Day One (1)

- Arrival from Kuching International Airport (KIA)
- Proceed to Santubong Homestay which is a small village, located about 42km from Kuching City.
   The legendary Mount Santubong and the Mysterious Sultan Tengah Tomb are among the famous
   landmarks found arround the village.
- Welcoming refreshment served.
- Handing over guests to foster parents
- Free & Easy / Activity with foster parents
- Dinner at Homestay House
- Retire for the night

Day Two (2)

- Breakfast at Homestay House
- Proceed to Sarawak Cultural Village. Popularly known as the "Living Museum" which depicts the heritage
   of the major racial groups in Sarawak and conveniently portrays their respective lifestyle amidst 14 acres
   of tropical vegetation. The handicraft is both bewildering and tempting, including the Kain Songket (Malay
   cloth with gold inlay), Pua Kumbu (Iban housewives testiles), Melanau Terendak (Sunhat), Bidayuh tambok
   (Basket), Iban parang (Swords), Orang Ulu wood carving and Chinese Ceramic. The 45-minute cultural
   performance of songs, dances and entertainment is something you will not want to miss during your visit
   to Sarawak
- Lunch (Picnic at Pantai Puteri Beach)
- Cooking demo & Take part in local games at beach (Coco bowling & beach futsal)
- Dinner at Homestay house

Retire for the night

Day Three (3)

- Breakfast at Homestay house
- Mountain Climbing. Sarawak Mount Santubong (800m) offers it self as a mountaineering challenge.
   You will need approximately 3-4 hours to reach summit and around 2 hours to descend OR day trip
   to Longhouse.
- Free & Easy
- Dinner at Sri Santubong hall with entertained by Gendang Melayu
- Retire for the night.

Day Four (4)

- Breakfast at Homestay house
- Proceed for Kuching City Tour. The Half-Day Kuching Tour takes you on an excursion to see some of the
   "Land of the Hornbills" best-known city attractions.
- Cruising & Beverages at Lan Berambeh River Cruise. Boat will give you a view of the city and its
   surroundings that is impossible to experience from dry land. An hour and half journey through Sarawak
   River, the cruise will glides you to get a close-up view of the past and modern life of Kuching around
   the river, Which includes the Malay Villages, The City Mosque, The Astana, Fort Margherita, The new elegant State
   Assembly building and the Kuching Waterfront.
- Proceed to Kuching International Airport.

Validity Date :4/1/2021 ~ 3/31/2022

Minimum Person :2

Adult Price: MYR 650.00

Child Price: MYR 650.00

Duration: 4 Days 3 Nights

* All amount quoted above will be charged in Ringgit Malaysia (MYR)