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Terms and conditions (Online Payment)



1.     Standard Terms and Conditions of SarawakBorneoTour.com applies to all bookings, quotations for all tours, accommodations, flights and any of the services or excursions including those booked through a third party.

2.     SarawakBorneoTour.com shall not be liable, under any circumstances for any acts or omissions of third party’s booking on or behalf of the client themselves as SarawakBorneoTour.com is merely a marketing agent for those specific vendors.

3.     All inclusions as per itineraries and quotes sent to clients will be stated clearly. Should there be any fees or additional costs billed by our suppliers which is not stated in our tour itineraries, then it would be automatically excluded, and payable by the client direct to the vendor supplier.



All quotations are subject to amendment – as per the following :

1.     Availability of permits to National Park entrance ticket at the time of confirmation.

2.     Availability to accommodations during Peak season or festivities.



1.     All confirmations shall be received by SarawakBorneoTour.com in writing.

2.     Upon confirmation, full payment for the booking will be required in order to secure the booking.

3.     Full Balance of payment shall be made no later than 60 days prior to date of travel.


SarawakBorneoTour.com reserves to right to alter id. “the client” means the person / s named on the reservation form ( whether it be a provisional , as per our Suppliers Terms and Conditions.



It is the client’s full responsibility to arrange Full Medical and Travel Insurance cover for the duration of the booking.



It is the client’s full responsibility to ensure that all Passport and Visa Requirements are valid.

SarawakBorneoTour.com will not be held liable for any changes in Visa Requirements or Passport Requirements at the time of travel, and therefore, be refused entry into any of the country that is covered by SarawakBorneoTour.com. Any costs incurred as a result of the above, are for the client’s own account.



If the customer is forced to cancel the holiday before the holiday start because of serious injury, death, or serious illness of themselves or a close relative, such as a parent , or any member of the holiday party, the following shall apply


1. If forced to cancel more than 1 month the holiday start date and after payment of the fund, 50% of payment made will be refunded less administrative fee if any. 

2. If forced to canccel less than 1 month of the tour date commencing, the payment made is non refundable. 

3. If forced any or part of the tour during the tour period itself, the payment is non refundable. 


SarawakBorneoTour.com reserves the right to alter its payment and cancellation terms during certain Peak Season periods , as per our Suppliers Terms and Conditions. The Laws of Malaysia applies for the tour booked with us.